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Thrival is a company and technology that is built from a patent portfolio with patents that are central building blocks to 3D internet.

The technology that we have built from our IP is, an AR Operating Overlay for Mobile (iOS and Android), Lumii.


Lumii is a magical Augmented Reality (AR) world that provides a 24-hour AR view of the real world and introduces a new frontier – the space between everything. It is populated by public web data and rich user-generated content.


Humanity’s imagination gets to be unleashed, using our simple smart toolset of drag & drop templates, to co-create a new augmented version of the world the way we want it to be.

We employ the power of game play as a primary human motivator to incentivize people to Look Up! through their smart devices and interact with who and what they care about in the real world in more meaningful & magical ways that foster well-being.


We turn people's daily lives into a fresh and a compelling game!

Our IP and technology is also licensed to provide software solutions for the greater market.

                                                 Jane Dudley, CEO and Co-founder

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