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Thrival is an Extended Reality (XR) ecosystem built from an issued & pending patent portfolio that is foundational to the emerging 3D internet. First filing in 2012. Thrival is launching, Lumii World, a user-generated AR/XR social, media, entertainment, and  ad platform. Thrival leverages Lumii’s platform with IP & white label licensing to 3rd parties to launch XR products. 

Lumii provides a 24-hour camera view of the real world and introduces a new frontier – the space between everything - populated with rich user-generated AR-compatible content & searchable web data. Lumii can interface with thousands of APIs such as Google Maps, Uber, Lyft, Zillow, DoorDash, etc., so people can access it all in one mobile app.


Anyone (users, digital artists, developers, media companies, enterprise, etc.) can add user-generated rich 3D content using a patented, simple, smart AR toolset and augment their digital presence in Lumii World. Humanity’s imagination gets to be unleashed to playfully co-create a new augmented version of our world.

Lumii incorporates game play as a core human motivator to incentivize people to Look Up! into the real world & interact with who & what they care about in more magical & meaningful ways. Thrival gamifies people's ability to be present in "Flow-state", known to increase human potential. An AI concierge assists people to search, find, navigate, shop, create rich 3D content, place it in geo-locations, share it, reach consumers with AR gamified advertising, and monetize. Lumii is platform agnostic and is in beta testing for iOS & Android.

Thrival's purpose is to turn people’s daily lives into a fresh and captivating game that fosters well-being.


                                                Jane Dudley, CEO and Co-founder

Meet The Team

Dean Becker 2.jpg

Dean Becker

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon


Global Vice-chair & CEO, Rokit Group and CEO of Dean Becker IP


Jane Dudley

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Co-Founder – CEO - Co-inventor

Visionary, strategic product

& corporate development

ARNIE PIC_edited_edited.png

Arnie Alger

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

CFO - Financial and legal compliance

Former finance & operations executive, Starbucks, Nestle, Mattel & 3M

Welcome to the Thrival World!


Bart Hickenlooper

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Strategic Advisor

Head of NorthAM partnerships

at Google Cloud

eva foto (1) 3.jpeg

Eva Pascual

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Experience Designer

Global designer of immersive

playgrounds and events


Max Laguna

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Lead Platform Developer

XR software design and

XR software engineer and AI specialist

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